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Bewegung von Oberkörper und Becken bei Radfahrern
11.12.2012 15:38 ( 307360 x gelesen )

Skilled movements of the torso and pelvis are vital to cycling performance

There is something to be said for the elegance and quality of movement on the bicycle, features that ought to be appreciated in particular from elite level cyclists. Focus your sights on the movement of the torso and pelvis of elite athletes and you will note a very skilled Sidebend Hip Hike (SBHH) sequence. Fabian Cancellara, performs these movements to perfection, an important reason why he excels at time trials. The same applies to Triathletes who perform at a high level. Rather than keeping the torso and pelvis perfectly still for the sake of physiological economy; the SBHH may improve efficiency by distributing the effort over a greater number of kinetic links and stabilize to reaction forces. The quality of the performance reflects an effective SBHH plus the physiological adaptations to support the effort. Links: www.precisvelo.com and www.dartfish.tv/precisvelo

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